Element Candles


The Elements – Fire, Earth, Water, Wood, Metal and Air all carry vibrational energies to cleanse, shift, change and release. This range was designed to bring all the elements infused into the soy to align and heal your energy body.

The element of Fire brings forth the power of transformation. It’s flame burns and shifts, transmuting dark into light.

The element of Earth connects us to all matter – money, food, power, relationships. It has the power to absorb and disintegrate toxic and negative energies which bring forth new life and nourishment.

The element of Water represents a cleansing vibration also associated with our feelings and emotions and is vital to all existence and life on Earth.

The element of Air is our life force, it purifies and clears old vibrations, bringing forth lightness and clarity.

The element of Wood supports us to grow and expand, it represents the beginning of life. 

The element of Metal brings faith, strength, structure and allows us to shine. 


Fire: Black raspberry, Earth: Cinnamon Apple, Water: Sunset Beach, Air: Frankincense Myrrh, Metal: Amber Sandalwood, Wood: Sage

Soy wax quantity: 550 ml

Burn Time: 50 -55 hours