Ascended Master Candles


An Ascended Master is a being who has ascended to the vibration of purity and light and has separated from all aspects of ego intelligence. Much wisdom is to be sought from these Great Masters who offer us wisdom, advice and teachings about how to separate our light from the shadow.

These masters are those who once walked amongst us and have undergone spiritual transformations. They are here to assist with any of life’s challenges. Use our beautifully scented soy blended candles to invoke the great wisdom of the Master who you seek, simply by holding your intention and lighting candle.

Each candle has been channelled to each Ascended Master. The Masters are full of joy and love and are here to lift your vibration and heightened levels.


Jesus: Fire, Mary Magdalene: Sugar Magnolia, Mother Mary: Ylang Ylang & Iris, Buddha: Lotus Flower, Ganesh: Fig & Casis, Quan Lin: Lotus & Lilies, Lady Nada: Tuber Rose, St Germain: Oakmoss & Vanilla, Serapis Bey: Lemon & Lime, Gaia: Exotic woods. 

Soy wax quantity: 550 ml

Burn Time: 50 -55 hours