Livestream #43 Archangel Azreal


Angel Meditation.

Archangel Jeremiel. 

This Series brings forth messages of self love and heals you in the realm of oneness. Angels are spiritual beings who represent strength, protection and guardianship. Masters are enlightened beings who were ordinary humans and have undergone a series of spiritual transformations.

Each Angel and Master brings gifts of love, guidance, compassion and harmony. As you light your candle their presence will be felt helping you attune your light body into the higher dimensions.

Our meditations is focused on accelerating your Ascension journey and connecting to your soul purpose through Divine Source. Every session I will teach and educate you into my world of ASCENSION wisdom through the Christ consciousness. This 60-minute session will be available via Zoom and comprises of an opening introduction, 45-minute meditation and a closing circle. 

Choose love and peace as this is the natural state of being.

Patrizia Trani