6 Day Training Course

6 Day Training Course

Our workshops can provide tools to change your health and well-being.
After much interest from clients eager to learn more about our healing techniques, our healer and founder, Patrizia Trani created a Six-part ‘Heal Thyself’ workshop. The workshops are designed to focus on self-healing and healing of others through learning about the chakric body and energy fields.


Heal Thyself Level 1
What is energy healing?
How to scan the energy body.
The 14 chakric system.
Learn how to heal yourself and others.
Theory and practical work throughout the day.
Investment $295
Heal Thyself Level 2
What is Christ consciousness?
Learning about different categories of energy work, including past, genetic and karmic layers.
Clearing and attuning 14 chakras on all the auric layers from 1 to 9.
Investment $350

 Grounding Level 1

Learning to properly ground yourself is beneficial to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. You will learn about the chakras underneath your feet. These energy centres help to keep you balanced in your physical and mental bodies. In addition they help to support your energy work. You will be working with Ascended Masters who govern earth’s energies.
Investment $400
Grounding Level 2 
You will keep descending and opening up more energy centres below the feet. These centres will ground, support and strengthen your light and physically keep you healthy and clear of all infiltrating energies.
 Investment $450
Protection Level 1
This workshop is designed to receive shields for protection in maintaining health and connection. The day focuses on attuning the chakras and outer layers. Shields strengthen, support and protection against unhealthy energies that can affect our physical health, emotional and mental wellbeing. We receive the gift of these shields from the seven Archangels- Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Jhudiel, Sealtiel, Barachiel
Investment: $450
Protection Level 2 
This profound workshop will elevate your energy to another level. 
You will receive 14 shields on each auric layer  from layer 1 to 9.
Your outer shields will also be attuned to a new level..
Investment: $550

Dates in 2023
Heal Thyself 1 - Saturday, 27th May  
Heal Thyself 2 - Sunday, 28th May  

Grounding 1 - Saturday, 15th July  
Grounding 2 - Sunday, 16th July 

Protection 1 - Saturday, 26th August  
Protection 2 - Sunday, 27th August  

Introductory Offer:  $1,800 for early bird bookings,
 Limited Seats
(Value of $2,970)

Payment Options Available 


  • Manual Work Books, Healthy food - Morning Tea-Lunch-Afternoon Tea, Full day Training 8am-5pm.
  • Bonus #1 Receive  a Copy of My book Healer's Journey
  • Bonus #2 Archangel Michael Pure Soy Candle
  • Bonus #3 Personal Ascension Healing
  • Bonus #4 Soul Reading To identify energetic blocks.
  • Bonus #5 Invitation to Private Meditation Group
  • Bonus #6 Tibetan Sacred Sound Bath Opening and Closing Ceremony 
  • Bonus #7 Blue Tara Activation 
  • Bonus #8 White Tara Activation 
  • Bonus # 9 Green Tara Activation