Our Founder

Patrizia Trani - Divinely Channelled Guidance

Healing Modalities

With her extensive experience as a healer and guide, Trish has studied and practised many forms of energetic healing. In each session, she will intuitively draw from any or all of the following modalities to better assist the process of clearing and healing.

Pranic Healing - Theta Healing - Reiki Tummo - Open Heart Meditation Kundalini - Arhatic Yoga - Crystal Healing 


Patrizia (Trish) heals through channeling the divine light and love of God along with the energetic beings of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. She is connected karmically, akashically, physically and etherically to the Ascended Masters and Archangel Raphael.

During a session you will feel a sense of clearing and restoration as Trish works to heal divine, genetic, and karmic imbalances in your physical and energetic bodies.

Trish accesses the reciever's essential soul being in every healing she offers in order to facilitate full physical and energetic alignment.


Trish is a healer, published author and teacher who has been practicing Ascension healing for over 25 years. She began her journey as an energy healer after being inspired by a series of life events including a personal diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome which saw her begin to research many aspects of physical and energetic healing.
This intuitive journey saw her gather information and understanding from the eastern traditions of yoga and meditation. Expanding her knowledge and intuition even further, Trish found herself working with her soul parents, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. With their guidance, she found herself now able to channel divine infinite awareness and assist in the rapid cleansing and removal of disease, dysfunction, and ailment, both personally and for those who sought her out.
Trish initially founded the Enchanting Angels Healing and Learning Centre (2005) and now The Ascension Centre (2017). She is a powerful healer encompassing every aspect of a modern empress, prophetess, warrior and sage of today.
In this new season of growth and movement towards ascension, the mission is now to offer this Divinely channelled guidance and healing globally.
Where passion, focus, and divine inspiration meet, big change and awakening is sure to follow!

The Ascension Centre 

At The Ascension Centre, we are devoted to the service of healing and guiding you back to your own roots. We aim to bring the bodies, minds, and souls of all towards higher states of being. Our intention is to create space for the experience of unified soul purpose; to hold healing space where all the etheric and physical parts of the self can be made whole. We believe the path to individual and collective ascension is through healing with love and light. As a centre for energetic wellbeing and divine healing, we are here to be of holistic, loving service for your body, mind, and spirit.

We Are...
Guided by Christ Consciousness
Inspired by The Ascension Grid
Creating a Temple of Light
 Christ Consciousness

‘We are the same. Our essence is made of the stars, the cosmos, your blood, our blood; our hearts beat to the same rhythm. Christ consciousness is the fuel, the love, the healing, the knowledge, the joy, the grace; surrender in your last breath. We are always united.’

.What is Christ Consciousness? It is the source, the 'food of God' light, light ‘plugged in’. Christ Consciousness is a vibration that has a specific, healing set of sub-frequencies. Energetic healings allow Christ Consciousness to be filtered through your body and spirit to cleanse and feed all the elements of a healthy and harmonious existence.

.Through the experience of fully, consciously receiving the flow of Christ Consciousness into your body and being, you will experience greater awareness, acceptance, and release from all that no longer serves you. Christ Consciousness invites ultimate surrender of the stories that no longer serve you, filling the new space with light, love, and bliss.

The Ascension Grid

The Ascension Centre logo comes from the merging of two sacred geometry forms known as 'The Ascension Grid' and 'The Christ Consciousness Grid'. The shape, called an icosidodecahedron (one of the Archimedean Solids - a combination of Dodecahedron and Icosahedron), became Earth’s new multidimensional field in 2012. A living, expansive visual pathway, the crystalline shape will continue to grow as we participate as co-creators with the angelic realm to detoxify the energy of the Earth and bring all souls’ conscious awareness to life.
We believe in seeing and celebrating beauty in all its forms and know that even the smallest reminder of true, divine beauty can be transformative.

A Temple of Light

'When two or more are gathered in my name, there I am.'
Mathew 18:20
The pathways for allowing Christ Consciousness are strongest when we gather. We know the power of synergy, of collective, focussed loving attention. In joining our centre, in participating in our events and meditations you and your light add to the bigger picture of cleansing and healing that this planet and her people need. The temple is light filled and conducive to a very high frequency, hence its powerful healing capability. The healers and teachers who work within the physical and energetic structure of the temple call it their home.
We invite you to experience the resonance for yourself.

Be ready to receive joy and accept your bliss. - Patrizia, Founder - The Ascension Centre