Patrizia - Divinely Channelled Guidance


Healing Modalities

With her extensive experience as a healer and guide, Trish has studied and practised many forms of energetic healing. In each session, she will intuitively draw from any or all of the following modalities to better assist the process of clearing and healing. 
  • Pranic Healing
  • Theta Healing
  • Reiki Tummo
  • Open Heart Meditation
  • Kundalini
  • Arhatic Yoga
  • Crystal Healing


Patrizia (Trish) heals through channeling the divine light and love of God along with the energetic beings of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. She is connected karmically, akashically, physically and etherically to the Ascended Masters and Archangel Raphael.
During a session you will feel a sense of clearing and restoration as Trish works to heal divine, genetic, and karmic imbalances in your physical and energetic bodies. 

Trish accesses the reciever's essential soul being in every healing she offers in order to facilitate full physical and energetic alignment. 


Trish is a healer, published author and teacher who has been practicing Ascension healing for over 25 years. She began her journey as an energy healer after being inspired by a series of life events including a personal diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome which saw her begin to research many aspects of physical and energetic healing.
This intuitive journey saw her gather information and understanding from the eastern traditions of yoga and meditation. Expanding her knowledge and intuition even further, Trish found herself working with her soul parents, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. With their guidance, she found herself now able to channel divine infinite awareness and assist in the rapid cleansing and removal of disease, dysfunction, and ailment, both personally and for those who sought her out.
Trish initially founded the Enchanting Angels Healing and Learning Centre (2005) and now The Ascension Centre (2017). She is a powerful healer encompassing every aspect of a modern empress, prophetess, warrior and sage of today.
In this new season of growth and movement towards ascension, the mission is now to offer this Divinely channelled guidance and healing globally. Where passion, focus, and divine inspiration meet, big change and awakening is sure to follow!


Amy - Yoga

Amy is a joyful and creative teacher who has practiced yoga and mindfulness for over 20 years. She is passionate about simplifying the mysteries of yoga so that it's accessible to everyone. Greater health and wellbeing for everyone is the goal!
Amy has studied yoga in both Australia and India with a focus on the energetic body and bodymind connection. She teaches Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness both privately and in yoga studios across Melbourne. To find out more about Amy, visit her Yoga Alliance profile by clicking here.

Lola - Tarot

Lola has 40 years experience helping individuals to learn and understand their personal journey through the Tarot. In addition to her intuitively inspired personal learning, Lola has  also studied with acclaimed astrologer and tarot reader Stella Woods.
A healer and helper through and through, Lola comes from a nursing background, has worked with homeless groups, the Salvation Army Soldier Study, Alcoholics Anonymous as a group representative, and as a prison counsellor.

Aylin - Energy Psychology & Kundalini Reiki

Aylin works with ancient wisdom and is passionate about helping individuals acheive their highest potential by guiding them to seek answers from within.

Working primarily with the modalities of energy psychology and kundalini reiki, Aylin can help connect you with your higher self to obtain clear messages from within.

Angela - Meditation & Channelled Guidance

Angela is passionate about supporting personal growth through awareness, expansion, and healing - both energetically and physically - to unlock past and present blocks. She provides guidance with an open heart from one soul to another in its truest form for ascension.
Angela has been involved in meditation for over 20 years. She has the ability to channel guidance to assist others in their personal growth.