Live Mediumship/psychic event - Finding your Purpose Workshop



This exclusive workshop will help you find your purpose and redesign your intentions & desire often we go through life in default without any direction besides the direction that life is flowing.

What if we could have the clarity to hear and be able to tune into your inner being to guide you to show you the path to obtain your desires.

Limited places available only 10 seats
Have the opportunity to have your questions answered.
The Ascension Centre presents this workshop with Patrizia and Ayla. 
Have the opportunity to have the blocks that are holding you back be removed and cleared once and for all.


Patrizia Trani has trained our Soul readers and uses their skills, ability, and channels guided insights to help in determining which chakras and energy layers need to be shifted for a healing experience like no other. If your feeling stuck, misguided or unclear with your life purpose and direction and you want to be connected with your own inner wisdom, Ayla will provide you with your personal information that your own soul wants you to know, so you can live a life full of love, prosperity, joy and fulfilment.

A Soul reading will connect you with your higher consciousness, which is the essence of who you are as a spiritual being. A Soul reading can help you understand which energetic blocks are presenting in the moment that may be not allowing the flow of life force. Blocks along our path can often manifest as addictions, depression, anxiety, weight gain, poor health, lack of motivation, feelings of hopelessness and unworthiness and dysfunction.

Your issues will become clearer and you will gain clarity and an understanding on how to transmute them. You will also become more intuitive and connect to your own inner wisdom.