Goat's Milk Soap


Description: Our Goat's Milk Soap is rich creamy, will gently cleanse leaving skin feeling soft and moisturised. Our unscented soap suitable for babies, our speciality soaps are triple scented creating a lasting impression.

Benefits: Acne-free skin, hydrating & nourishing, chemical free and vitamin enriched.

Our bar weights 70grams of soap.


Bliss: Our fragrance blend activates your senses to reach a state of perfect happiness, joy guiding you to detach and connect with your soul. Top note: Middle note: Base note:

Escape: Our fragrance blend creates a feeling of relief from everyday stress, simply letting go of all worry. Fresh, sharp and earthy helping you to connect with yourself. Top note: Lime Middle note: Freesia, Base note: Sandalwood.

Mystique: Our fragrance blend creates mystery, captivating, sensual and awakens all your senses to fall in love. Top note: Middle Note: Base Note.

Retreat: Our fragrance blend transports you to the tropics. A place where you can rest and relax feeling a state of peace and tranquillity. Top note: Middle note: Base note:

Unwind: Our fragrance blend deactivates your mind after a long day at work, returning to a place of balance. Restoring your body to a state of wellbeing. Top Note: Middle note Base note