Livestream #15


Ascension Meditations.

Heal Your Body of Portals,Chambers,Vortexes.

This series of evolved meditation intends to release blocked damaged and slow chakras – energetic  cords / attachments in your energy bodies.

Remove negative patterns, programs.,thought forms, negative beliefs, negative dialogues, energetic hooks, illness and disease in physical and non physical bodies.

Clearing fear, stress, anxiety, depression on all levels, conscious and sub conscious blocks, remove imprints, paradigms, upgrade DNA shifts, realign karmic and time line bleeds.

We reach a state surrender aligning heart and mind as one, and enter into the realms of oneness, integration of light body universally and  at quantum level, activating our Christ light body and healing our auric layers .

As we expand ( energy fields ) we evolve multi dimensionally and learn  detachment  as we enter enter the void and separate from ego. We experience a deep soul on all level of existence. Each meditation is designed to bring you growth, awareness, clarity, love, compassion and feeling present in your own power.

I bring you this guided wisdom from Christ consciousnesses so you experience your own inner being. By listening and hearing my voice you are being encoded a light frequency, connect you to your higher infinite self and begin subtle breakdowns of blocks and patters at a soul level.

These meditations will reconnect you on all levels Earthy , Eternal and Source .You are the master of your soul and journey I will guide you to open your heart and mind and Co create event treasure in the universe available to you

Choose love and peace as this is the natural state of being.

I urge you to participate weekly and experience  your life and wellbeing profoundly change for the greater good. align with their Higher Self. Every session I will teach and educate you into my world of ASCENSION wisdom through the Christ consciousness.

Patrizia Trani