Archangel Sprays


These sprays carry the universal force and sacred knowledge of vibrational healing that  transcend your deepest desires to the higher realms so you can create abundance and health. 

The Archangel sprays build a stronger alignment to your favourite Archangel. As messengers, angels carry our prayers to God and the divine beings of light, who will respond to our call upon them at any moment of our lives. 

Enjoy the amazing benefits when used before writing, meditating, practicing yoga, prayer time, or sleeping. Allow yourself to connect to its resonance and seek the wisdom your health desires. 

Fragrance: Michael - Sandalwood Vanilla, Raphael - Ginger Greentea, Gabriel - Passion, Uriel - Pomelo

Directions: Shake well. Close your eyes. Spray approx. 20cm above your head, allow the mist to fall around your aura. Use with the intention to clear, cleanse and heal your space and energy body. 

Safety: Avoid contact with eyes, external use only. 

First Aid: Contact Poisons Information Centre Australia 13 11 26

Contents: Ethanol, Botanical oils