Reed Diffuser 100ml


Descriptions: Our luxury diffusers are long lasting our scents radiate and disperse an aroma into your room. We use only the highest quality fragrances and rattan reeds which soak up the scent and emit the aroma into your room, for you to experience the benefits of aromatherapy. We recommend you rotate the reed sticks every week to keep the scent fresh and fragrant. Our diffusers are safe, more economical, natural and a more effective option to burning a candle. Our 100ml bottle  will last over 8 months and our 250ml bottle will last over 18 months. Our passion is delivering aromas that transport you to a place of Peace, Tranquillity and Wellbeing. 12 beautiful blends to choose from, listed below.

ARCHANGELS: As messengers of God they carry our prayers to God, and are divine beings of light who are awaiting us to call upon them in any moment of our lives. A delicious palette of fruits and guava notes will guide and connect you to Archangels. Top note: Pink grapefruit, Middle note: Guava, Base note: Jasmine

ASCENDED MASTERS: An Ascended Master is a being who has ascended to the vibration of purity and light and has separated from all aspects of ego intelligence.  A natural fresh citrus scent of lemongrass, lime, lemon peel and soft floral notes. Top note: Lime, Middle note: Lemongrass, Base note: Rosewood will guide and connect you to the Ascended Masters.

ANGELS: Angels are spiritual beings who represent strength, protection and guardianship.  This exotic fragrance is sensual and romantic. Top note: Orange, Middle note: Honey, Base note: patchouli.  

CRYSTALS: Crystals vibrate energy supporting your physical and non-physical bodies. This blend carries the essence of aquatic florals. Encapsulating the feeling of ocean views. Top Note: Lime, Middle note: Freesia, Base note: Sandalwood.

ELEMENTS: Our six elements compose the physical universe, and greatly expand psychic abilities by understanding when to call each into your life. An engaging scent of bergamot, and bold notes wood. Top note: Bergamot, Middle note: Tobacco, Base note: Cedarwood.

ESSENTIALS: Essential oils have been known for their therapeutic qualities over the many centuries. They work in awakening, uplifting and healing on many subtle levels. A blend of the most loved floral scents. Top note: Mandarin, Middle note: Grape, Base note: Jasmine

SAINTS: Our Saints range is devoted to those special individuals who dedicated their life and journey to service and worship to God. A decadent and sensuous blend of rich, velvet black rose infused with a heart of pink pepper and sultry spices. Top Note: Rose, Geranium, Middle note: Rose, Base note: Oud.

BLISS: Our fragrance blend activates your senses to reach a state of perfect happiness, joy guiding you to detach and reconnect with your soul. Refreshing summery cocktail mix of ripe raspberries, citrus fruits and tropical pineapple. Enjoy the sweetness. Top note: Citrus, Middle note: Jasmine, Base note: Musk.

ESCAPE: Our fragrance blend creates a feeling of relief from everyday stress, simply letting go of all worry. Fresh, sharp and earthy helping you to connect with yourself.  A gorgeous blend of fresh leafy greens, dew-kissed tropical fruits, aromatic blossoms. Top note: Mint, Middle note: Lavender, base note: Moss

MYSTIQUE: Our fragrance blend creates mystery, captivating, sensual and awakens all your senses to fall in love. Bring out your romance with this fragrance, with a luscious fusion of citrus, cherry blossom, apple and peach.  Top note: Mint, Middle Note: Rose, Base note: Vanilla.

RETREAT: Our fragrance blend transports you to the tropics. A place where you can rest and relax feeling a state of peace and tranquillity. Just like splashing your face with water from a  mountain stream. The ultimate masculine fragrance. Top Note: Lime zest, Middle note: Black pepper, Base note: Cedar wood.

UNWIND: Our fragrance blend deactivates your mind after a long day at work, returning to a place of balance. A luxurious aroma the sets the mood to relax and restore your body to a state of well being. Top note: Orange, Middle note: Nutmeg, Base note: wood.