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We are all going through global transformation at this present moment. You may feel overwhelmed, anxious and worried about the future and what it means for humanity.
We've had a big wake up call and it's time to rise to the occasion of oneness by preparing our inner and outer world so that we can impact not only ourselves and our loved ones but humanity as a whole as well as the great Mother Earth. 
We have within us so many desires waiting in our vibrational escrow to come to fruition. However, what blocks this is fear. I am here to help you dear soul. I want you to shine, flourish and prosper. Whether it be to attain abundance, better health, love through a romantic union, or to start a family. I have been guided to help you.
I am offering a channeled healing service to you because I no longer want you to suffer or live in fear. I hold you in my highest visions and see you as the magnificence that you were created to be.

Private Healing Session

 60 minutes
Join me Patrizia, for a special one on one where I will give you secrets powers and remove all that no longer serves. I no longer wish for you to be consumed by the worlds darkness. I invite you to take part in this journey and know that your whole world will transform.
Appointment Sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 
All other days text for availability 0438 578 328.
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